Design tab in Slides


Design tab in Slides Windows

The Design tab provides options to customize the presentation's theme, slideshow properties, and layout.

Layout – Allows you to change the layout of your slide, ideal in cases when you want to tailor your slide's layout to the information being presented.
Themes – Use a theme in your presentation to drastically change its visual style.
Slide Size – Pick between StandardWidescreen, or set a custom size for your slides.
Format Background – Customize the slide's background by inserting a picture or using a fill color.


Design tab in Slides Android

The Design tab is where you'll find the features dedicated to changing your presentation's visuals and layout.

Themes – Opens the themes browser, which lets you apply a customizable look to your presentation.
Change Layout – Change a selected slide's layout to optimize how your content is presented.


Design tab in Slides iOS

The Design tab is used to customize your presentation using things such as built-in themes, layouts and background pictures. The options there include:

Themes – Select a theme from the available built-in ones.
Change Layout – Change the layout of the slide to best suit the information you're trying to present.
Slide Size – Pick between a Standard (4:3)Widescreen (16:9) or set a Custom size for your slide.
Background Color – Allows you to set a background color or picture, as well as their respective opacity and offset.
Background Picture – Select and insert a picture as your background.
Background Options – Define certain aspects of the background such as offset and opacity.
Apply to all – Applies the background color or picture from one slide to all others.
Reset Background – Removes the background color or picture from a slide.