Font tab in Slides


Font tab in Slides Windows

The Font section is where you'll find the standard range of tools for adjusting font sizes, colors, and styles. Many of the features will only be active once a Text Box is selected.

Calibri Font Families – Opens the font menu, which lists your available OfficeSuite fonts in their respective typeface.
18 Font Size – Adjusts font size from a predefined value.
Decrease Font – Decreases the currently selected text by one font point.
Increase Font – Increases the currently selected text by one font point.
Clear Formatting – Removes all formatting from a text selection.
Bold – Embolden text.
Italics – Italicize text.
Underline – Underline text.
Strikethrough – Add a strikethrough effect to text.
Subscript – Write text as subscript, or lower than the text around it.
Superscript – Write text as superscript, or higher than the text around it.
Highlight Color – Focus on specific parts of your presentation's text by highlighting them with a color.
Font Color – Specify the text color.


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