🚀 Released OfficeSuite 8.50 - Check Out What's New! 🌟

pullox tor

Hey everyone,

I'm thrilled to share some exciting updates and improvements in OfficeSuite version 8.50. Take a look at what's been added and enhanced:


  • 🐛 Multiple Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: We've resolved various issues and boosted performance for a smoother experience.


  • 📊 Create Charts from Selecting Multiple Non-Adjacent Rows or Different Sheets: Now you can create charts using data from multiple non-adjacent rows or different sheets, giving you more flexibility in data analysis.
  • 🔍 Filtered Cells Improvements: Enhancements have been made for easier and more efficient data manipulation with filtered cells.
  • 🔧 Multiple Fixes and Improvements for Formulas/Functions: We've made several improvements to formulas and functions, enhancing their reliability and functionality.


  • 💬 Enhancing Online Meeting Integration with the New Teams: Experience better integration with online meetings using the latest Teams integration.



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